Monday, November 8, 2010

Classic National Geographic Wall Map

When most people think of a World Map, they remember the big world maps that used to fall out of the National Geographic Magazine. This is the large world map everybody remembers. This is the Classic World map. The map is completely up-to-date and the white background of the countries make it easier to read the city detail. The thing the National Geographic prides itself in is the projection of this map. They are just about the only ones who use the Winkel-Tripel projection. It does a real good job of representing the land masses accurately, but some people have a problem with the map aesthetically because it always shows the earth with an oval.  It was invented by Oswald Winkel and the "tripel" means it tries to minimize the distortions in three areas; area, direction and distance. 
Nat Geo does a pretty good job of filling in the corners with other smaller maps showing world climate and population density.

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